We take care of your safety, your food supply and your well-being

We train and recommend the people who contribute to your comfort and safety:

  • Cleaning ladies, housekeepers, butlers
  • guards in charge of security
  • nannies
  • Gardeners
  • drivers

We take care of your daily life and your meals:

  • Butler: part-time or 24 hours a day, manages your staff,  anticipates your agenda, decorates your tables and serves your meals
  • Chef cook, assistant-cook: Mediterranean cuisine, French, Italian, Asian, halal  kosher, vegetarian, special diets, etc.

We organize your well-being:

  • Beauty: hairstyle, pedicurist, manicurist, make-up, esthetics
  • Relaxation: yoga, meditation, massages
  • swimming lessons, aquaerobics, fitness
  • Health: doctor 24 hours/24, nurse at home, accompaniment in case of handicap or limited mobility